Packing For That Weekend Away

Packing 101


I love a good packing list! Nothing like the feeling of satisfaction as you tick of items one by one. Whether it's a quick weekend away or a month of travels across the globe. Over the years, I’ve forgotten just about everything as I went about my travels and so I have come up with a detailed list of what you might need for a quick weekend away and a checklist to tick off as you go! 



I'm going to break this down into a number of sections,

  • Documents
  • Medical
  • Cosmetics
  • Technology
  • Clothing
  • Snacks

If you feel I've missed something or have more to add please comment and I'll be happy to include your input. 


Lets begin with the necessities the documents

  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • Credit Cards/cash

Just make sure you have them all and then double check again. Even for a staycation a lot of hotels these days require photo ID so it's better to be safe than sorry!




Prescription medicines bring exactly what you need, whatever you take daily. You might also need to take extras with you if you are travelling to somewhere exotic like South East Asia. Speak to your doctor if you are concerned about which medicines or vaccinations you might need for particular countries. 

First aid kit -  you can easily make your own with some bandaids, tape, antibacterial wipes, disinfectant and gauze. Make sure you check that it's fully stocked every time if you used some on your last trip.

Pain killers - you just never know when or where that nasty headache may strike. Or a hangover of course!

Cough and cold meds -  new environments and temperatures means you can pick up coughs and colds easily, plan ahead. 

Antihistamines you don't know what you're allergic to until you have a reaction. Streaming itchy eyes and runny noses are never a good look. 


Cosmetics/toiletry bag

Now this is where I fall down most. I'm not a huge beauty guru myself but I do try a bit more these days. In the last month alone I've forgotten mascara, blusher, moisturizer and a hair brush, I always forget a hairbrush!

Toothbrush- hands up who leaves this behind? You brush your teeth and run out the door, leaving it behind. Keep some spare disposable toothbrushes in your toiletry bag, easy. 

Your make-up - bring whatever you like to wear everyday, but remember if you're just carrying hand luggage you are only allowed one small bag of liquids under 100ml usually. Don't bring big bottles of expensive moisturiser as you will probably have to watch the staff through it in the bin while you curse yourself! Most pharmacies stock small travel bottles that you can decant some of your favourite lotions into which make it super easy.  DO NOT forget the brushes, sponges or beauty blenders. That could turn into an expensive mistake to make!

Conditioner - I always feel likes there's never enough, if any at all in hotel rooms. 

Loofah/gloves/sponge - whatever your preference is, a hotel cloth just doesn't do it for me.

Sanitary products - not something to be forgotten for when your weekend away conflicts with your eh...., you know .....'lady days'. 

Nail file/clippers - breaking a nail and not having a file close by has to be one of the most annoying things! Its always that one time you're away from everything that you snag your nail. 

Hair products - sometimes I think if I blow on my own hair I could dry it faster than those hotel hairdryers! They aren't exactly the latest in state of the art hair care, so remember all those hair oils and serums to keep your locks looking on point throughout your trip... Oh and while we're on hair do not forget a hair brush. 


This one pretty much speaks for itself unless of course you're having a tech free weekend, which is no bad thing once in awhile. 

  • Tablet - maybe you use it for reading, maybe just to search for the top 10 things to do, restaurant suggestions or keeping up to date with the Coach Me Rich blog. It's nice to have it, even if it just stays in your luggage. 
  • Phone - for those Snapchat and Instagram moments and of course for looking up the nearest great happy hour bar. 
  • Powerpack - you never know when you'll get back to that charger or powerpoint if you're hiking up a mountain. 
  • Camera - for making memories and quality pics. Sometimes the phone cameras just don't cut it. Who knows when you will get back here (wherever here may be) again. 
  • Earphones - Don't you always, always, always forget them? Whether it's for the plane, train or just to watch snapchat stories have a pair in your bag. 
  • CHARGERS - Your phone and tablet won't be much good if they run dead. God forbid no one would be able to see what an amazing trip you are on! DO NOT forget all the necessary chargers! 


This is a tough one, because it really depends on the destination and on your personal style. Lately I've decided to go super casual and comfy. 'Athlesiure' I believe is the new term for it. I then regretted not having some dressier items with me on arrival. So in a quest to look and feel gorgeous on your weekend away I'm going to list a few item that can multi task. 

Leggings - these work well with casual flats or trainers and can also be worn under a dress with booties. 

Scarves - keep you warm and cosy on those chilly walks and also dress up any outfit or give things a great pop of colour. Anyone who knows me will notice from October to April I'm never without a huge scarf wrapped around me. 

Jacket - a nice leather number always works well dressed down with leggings and trainers or over a dress and heels for a night out. 

Lounge clothes/ Pyjamas - It's always nice to change out of your day clothes and just have something comfortable to chill in. 

Swimwear - for the pool or on site hot tube. Even if you have no intention of getting in, it's nice to be prepared and have the option!

Shoes - casual and comfortable for all the site seeing you'll be doing. A nice in-between pair for shopping, informal dinners and a good pair of heels or dressier booties because you never know when you might be whisked off somewhere fancy! 





Those that know me know my love for food and constant snacking. I always have some form of edible in my handbag. Whether you have a short plane journey or a long car trip for your weekend away snacks are always necessary. 

Nuts - work well for all situations. They are relatively healthy in small portions and good at keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Just make sure you check with cabin crew that there is no one on board with a severe allergy before opening a packet of nuts on a plane. 

Popcorn - so easy and light to pack, pretty healthy and so delicious!

Fruit - hard fruit cut up in a baggie or grapes are great and travel well. P.S. bananas don't travel well, speaking from experience. 

Energy bars - always nice to nibble on and not messy and crumby for car journeys. 

Chocolate - in any form, shape or size. Unless you are going to a hot climate of course, maybe leave it off then!



Before packing for that weekend away:

  1. Outfit plan, make a list of your clothes and plan what will go with what. You'll be surprised how many items will double up and look completely different.
  2. Assemble everything in one place. Less chance of forgetting things.
  3. Fold and roll the clothing items. I promise you'll be able t fit way more clothes in and they won't get creased if you do it properly.
  4. Tick it off as you place it in your luggage so you don't have to panic and unpack everything to check again before running out the door. 
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy your weekend away!

Bon voyage!


Sarah XO

P.S. Check back here soon for a printable list to tick off your items as you pack!