Hygge for the Spring

One of the biggest buzz words of 2016, Hygge, is a way of living, often associated with coziness and winter vibes. While it's described as 'cosiness' or 'togetherness' there is no literal English translation, it is more a state of mind than physical. In short, Hygge is a recipe for a happier life and can promote wellbeing. Hygge is often associated with candles, chunky knits, open fires and mulled wine. We need to start thinking more of it as a year round way of living. We're here to show you ways to Hygge your lifestyle for the Spring and Summer. 

Hygge living room


Start the day as you mean to go on by making breakfast significant. Put a little effort in the night before, prepare overnight oats, slice up some fruit and have it ready to sprinkle over yogurt. When you wake up feeling groggy and not 100% a morning person this will put a smile on your face. It's all about the little pleasures! 

Let there be light! Throw open the curtains, windows and doors. There's nothing like that fresh Spring air drifting though the house. It's so lovely to wake up to bright mornings. Take advantage of that now that the days are getting longer and brighter.  

Let the outside in. Fresh flowers and lots of them everywhere. I love fresh flowers all over the house. Big vases of daffodils and tulips or smaller glasses of daisies and meadow flowers around the place. They brighten up any area and add a fresh scent. Fresh flowers don't have to cost a fortune, you can grow some yourself or buy some of the cheaper varieties in your local market. Good fake flowers can also look just as good in a vase and obviously last a lot longer! A little investment in some good quality fake flowers will save you over time and you wont have to change them for years. Look online for some great varieties. 


Fresh scented candles are so welcoming. Many people associate candles with Winter and those Christmas scents of pumpkin spice, evergreen and cinnamon. Now that Spring is here we can fill our homes with beautiful summery scents instead, think coconut, fresh cotton and jasmine. Get the senses going and you will feel amazing walking through your house. Just don't forget to blow them out before going to bed or leaving the house! 



Add little changes to your home. Adding some bright cushion covers to your chairs can give your sitting room a whole new feeling for the summer. Why not brighten the place up a bit and change a few details around the house to get those summer vibes. Maybe change some paintings to different nautical or flower themes and put the wintery ones in storage in the attic for a few months. Guests will notice the subtle changes too and will feel like you've given your home a makeover. 

Organise a picnic. Who doesn't love a picnic in the park? We have great memories of heading out with a basket full of delicious food as children. It can also be so much cheaper to make your own sandwiches or throw a summer salad together than buy lunch in a restaurant. A little bit of your favourite foods and treats is just what you need to feel the summer Hygge!  

Prepare a barbecue feast. The perfect reason to have friends over and gather around to enjoy delicious food and drink. Outdoor cooking tends to get everyone involved and can be enjoyed for hours while sipping on a nice cocktail or fresh lemonade. While Hygge can be enjoyed alone the effects are amplified when experienced in company. Having that sense of togetherness can increase happiness and reduces stress. 


Whether you chose to create more hygge indoors or outdoors the effects can be felt all year round. Who doesn't like to be cosy in summer? Try it for yourself and let us know how you feel! 

Sarah xo