How To Meet New People and Make Friends


An issue that I have come upon recently….. Meeting people! 


It is so difficult to meet new people as you go through life. This coming from someone who loves meeting people and will go out of my way to make conversation. It can get extremely lonely going through life solo and while some people love to be alone others crave interaction...... Me!



Unless you have met people through school, college, work or in a club you’re a member of it can be difficult to meet people. I’ve noticed this as we age and move from place to place. . Opportunities to meet new people are few and far between. People are set up already, they have their own friend groups and aren’t always open to accepting newbies. 


However I have crossed this bridge and come out the other side! My answer is and routine… A daily trip to your local coffee shop can begin to build relationships with the staff there and other customers who like to hang there. Before you know it you're arranging coffee dates with people you've met there. Starting an exercise class on your own it's easy, everyone else seems to know each other and chat before and after class. But by going at the same time every week or day you see the same people and slowly but surely interaction builds. 


On there is something for everyone, from tightrope walking, book clubs, arts and crafts, foodie groups, happy hour, hiking, language exchange groups, you name it it's there. . There are all sorts of groups to be part of, you can join as many as you like, you’re not obliged to go to any. 

I'll never forget my first meetup group, I was apprehensive about going, knew nobody, but as I walked in I realized everyone was in the same boat. Nobody there knew anyone else but conversation was flowing among the crowd.


As humans we are always curious and interested in hearing about other peoples stories' and likewise people are interested in hearing ours. Before the evening had ended I had exchanged numbers with a few people and arranged to meet again. Then the ball was in my court to maintain contact. So a simple txt saying how nice it was to meet is all it takes. The nice thing about the site and app is that it allows you to send a quick notification to those who attended the meetup. From there things develop and before you know it that one person has introduced you to many more. Success! 


Sarah xo