30 Ways To Practice Self Care And Why We All Need To

Self care is so important for our physical and mental health. Sometimes we practise self care without realising it but other times we leave it so long that other aspects of our lives start to suffer. 

Self care can be as simple as taking a 20 minute nap and chilling out during a stressful time. Get away from your day to day life and purposefully take some time to spend just on yourself. Studies have show that practicing self care on a  regular basis reduces stress and anxiety as it promotes a positive wellbeing. 

self care

Your relationships will benefit from you practising self care also. Studies show that if you're spending time on yourself, doing something that you love your self-esteem and confidence improves. If you have been doing something that you enjoy you are going to be happier overall and that positivity radiates through the people that you meet. Confidence is also a very attractive characteristic to have and will entice new people and opportunities your way.

By practicing self care we are working on our psychological and physical needs. Everyone needs a bit of down time and by looking after yourself first you also teach the people around you the importance of self care and putting yourself first. 

If you're constantly being a martyr and letting people take advantage of you it will continue to spiral until you are completely burnt out. Others will have such little respect for you that they no longer want to be friends with you or use you for their own benefit because they know you won't say no. Don't be that person! Put yourself first and everyone else second. If you don't look after yourself and your own psychological welfare how can you expect anyone else to do it for you? 


Here are a few simple ways you can start practising self care:

  1. Take a bubble bath - add some essential oils to make it feel more luxurious

  2. Read a good book - get lost in someone else's story

  3. Have a solo dance party - this is one of my favourite things so do. Blast your favourite tunes and dance around like a lunatic. It's a great form of exercise too!

  4. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds go by - so peaceful and makes you feel like you're floating

  5. Unplug from technology - something we should do at least once a day!

  6. Declutter five things from your house - it will make you feel great to get rid of old clutter

  7. Watch a funny movie or video - laughter is the best medicine!

  8. Get dressed up for no reason - cause we love looking good and feeling great!

  9. Take a nap - theres nothing like climbing under the duvet and cuddling into your pillow for 20 minutes

  10. Practise mindfulness - read all you need to know about the benefits

  11. Call your friend for a chat - reminisce about some fun times you had together

  12. Leave yourself or your partner a love note - you'll be so happy to find it at some stage in the future

  13. Light candles - there's nothing quite like candles to set a relaxing mood, read more here

  14. Donate clothes to charity - the feeling of giving to others boosts our self esteem

  15. Give yourself a facial or makeover - pampering yourself is one of the best self care practises

  16. Bake cookies or a cake - then enjoy the fruits of your labour and the scent wafting through your house!

  17. Read/write inspirational poetry - get those creative juices flowing and the mind wandering

  18. Make a healthy smoothie - because you'll feel better after drinking something healthy even if it doesn't look or taste great!

  19. Create a self love box - add little memories that you love or your favourite hand cream or perfume to use on special occasions

  20. Write down ten things you love about yourself - read them aloud at least five times

  21. Binge watch your favourite show on Netflix - cause you deserve one day of doing nothing

  22. Buy something you've wanted recently - without breaking the bank hopefully!

  23. Do yoga or pilates - it'll increase your flexibility and posture as well as help tone and relax

  24. Watch motivational TED talks - cause we all need a bit of a push at times

  25. Draw or paint a picture - you could even get an adult colouring book, they are everywhere these days and are so relaxing

  26. Plan a day out with your friends - we all love to do something fun with friends and just planning it lifts our spirits and gets us excited

  27. Go for a walk on the beach or in a forrest - being surrounded by nature is one of the most calming and relaxing things you can do

  28. Go for a drive on your own - park up at your favourite place or people watch for an hour

  29. Get yourself a skipping rope or hula hoop - memories of our childhood and fun exercise is a sure way to make us happy and get the blood pumping at the same time

  30. Sing loudly - no one cares if you've the voice of an angel, belt out your favourite tune and sing it loud and proud!

What other ways do you practice self care? Leave a comment below so others can add it to their list! 

xo Jen