Six Things To Try When You Need To Feel Good About Yourself

Feel Good About Yourself

Picking ourselves up after a hard period in life is not easy. We all have different coping mechanisms that we employ to help us deal with difficult situations. However, some of them don’t always do the trick, and from time to time it would be a great idea to change them up and try something new.

When you decide to try out something different to help you cope with the unpleasant situation or emotion just make sure you don’t push yourself too hard and put yourself in an uncomfortable situation, because that won’t provide you with the desired effect.

In this article you will find six different coping mechanisms to make you feel good about yourself. Go through them and choose the ones that go the best with your personality and current state of mind.


Sweat the stress out

sweat it out


This might not be for everyone. However if you are a fitness aficionado, exercising might be the best way to lift up your mood. We tend to accumulate stress in our upper back, and sometimes it feels like we are literally holding the weight of the world on our shoulders. Exercise can help us relax, push out all the negative energy and raise our adrenaline levels. And the best part is that it’s great for our health, and we will look so good afterwards, now that’s killing two birds with one stone.


Make your beauty pop

feel good

One of the main things to make us feel better about ourselves is actually taking the time to treat ourselves to a day of beauty and relaxation. We are so consumed with work, life and the stress that goes with it that we tend to forget how good it can feel to just spend the whole day being pampered. So book a spa day, top that off with a visit to a hairdresser and an obligatory manny-peddy. Finally, find a great makeup sale and update your collection. So now that you are relaxed, and looking beautiful, you have no choice but to feel great about yourself.



Shopping therapy

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 17.40.06.png

Yup, we’ve all been there. Most women consider this to be the best pick-me-up trick. Dressing up in a brand new outfit will make you feel amazing. But keep in mind, this is always a great quick fix for small issues that might weigh us down. For bigger problems shopping definitely won’t be as efficient.


Get a great support system

support system

A couple of great friends telling you how amazing you are is at times all we need to feel good about ourselves. Your true friends will always be there to pick up the pieces after your life failures and mishaps. They will help you build yourself up, better and stronger than before and they’ll do it over a glass of wine with a kind smile and a warm hug.


Let nature heel you

heeling nature

Spending time in nature is known to help improve our mood and help us get rid of the accumulated stress. Leaving your devices behind and heading out into nature can be quite calming. In addition, being able to get a doctor-recommended dose of sunlight will also help you feel refreshed and relaxed because it regulates your body’s melatonin production.


Dance with somebody


Being surrounded with music can turn any frown upside-down and just take all the negative emotions away. And if you can incorporate dancing into the mix, there is nothing better. Moving your body to the music, letting go of all the stress and just enjoying the company of someone who shares your love of dance. You are sure to feel stronger and more confident.

These are just some of the things you can do. You are the one who knows what helps you feel better, but the most important thing is that you do it regularly and don’t let yourself dwell in the negativity of a bad situation.

Mia Taylor

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