How Your Morning Routine Sets Up Your Day

A positive morning routine can be the foundation for a healthier, stress free, more productive day. Making sure you get the best start to your day means you leave the house calm and ready for whatever the world throws at you.  I'm such a morning person, but I realize not everyone is and so I'm here to offer a few simple solutions on how being more organized in the mornings can make the race from laying in bed to getting out the door feel seamless! 

From the second you wake up your day starts with your morning routine. Make sure you start your every day with a positive thought regardless of how you are really feeling. Even if you know you have an important deadline or an event that you've been dreading for ages, tell yourself that today will be a great day. Repeating positive affirmations to yourself first thing every day has been proven to improve your outlook on the day and attract success. Wake up and take a good long stretch. Take a moment to think and process your thoughts for the day. Too many of us press snooze in the hope of snatching five minutes more in bed before grabbing our phones to flick though our notifications... Guilty! 

Morning routine

First things first, drop the phone. Nothing has happened in the last eight hours that can't wait another 20-30 minutes. I understand most of us rely on our phones for that morning alarm call but invest in a cheap alarm clock. Leave your phone outside the bedroom. The blue light emitted from your phone suppresses your melatonin (a hormone that influences our biological clock). This light is beneficial during the day as it boosts, reaction times, attention and your mood, however, this is not what you need just before going to sleep. Reading a book before going to sleep is much better for your brain and allows you to fall asleep more naturally. 

Once you are up open the curtains and blinds and let as much daylight in as possible. This will make you more alert and get your blood pumping faster. If it doesn't disturb anyone else who is sleeping play some upbeat music, you'd be surprised at the effect a cheery tune has on our endorphins. It gets you moving and boosts your mood.

Window with open curtains

Next on the list of priorities in your morning routine is to drink water. Even a small glass of water will kick start your metabolism and start burning energy faster. Before you pour coffee or jump in the shower hydrate your body. It has been deprived of water for hours. By drinking a glass of water first thing every morning you will quickly see amazing effects both mentally and physically once you hydrate before your morning coffee or juice. 

Now that you're in the zone to get going it's all about being prepared. Organization is the key to reducing stress so why not be as prepared as possible so that you have less decisions to make and less reasons to get stressed in the morning. Before you go to bed have everything laid out for your morning routine, I mean everything!

Plan and Prepare your Morning Routine

  • Chose your clothes, shoes and underwear, including accessories. Don't go looking for your last clean shirt only to realise it needs to be ironed and you're already running 10 minutes late for work. 
  • Have lunches and snacks packed in bags and ready to grab. You can batch cook lunches for a few days in advance or throw together a healthy salad the night before.
  • Set breakfast out - have the table or breakfast bar laid and ready to serve. Overnight oats are a delicious alternative to cereal or a breakfast smoothie and are so quick and easy to prepare.
  • Lay out your lotions and potions to make your morning routine faster. Buy yourself at least one luxury product. Whether it's your hair gel, lipstick or face cream, treat yourself to something that makes you feel great and wear it with confidence every day. You will look and feel great!
  • Write a list of everything you need to get done before leaving the house and during the day so that you don't forget to bring anything with you for your day. If you have to get your children ready in the morning too you might need to set your alarm half an hour earlier so that you can get yourself ready and alert before the mayhem starts.
  • I personally love having a time blocking schedule so that I'm used to spending a certain amount of time on each of my morning tasks. It has kind of become automatic to me so that I'm never stressed out or late in the mornings. Click here to find out more on time blocking. 

Everyone's morning routine is going to be different and what works for some won't work for others. Once you find what works for you your days will be a lot less stressful and a lot more enjoyable. If you have any tips on how to get your day off to the best start please leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you. 

Have a great day!

Sarah xo