Organization leads to ZEN

We all have that one drawer or drawers that's full of clutter. There's pens, tape, spare keys, birthday candles, string, maybe DIY tools, spare batteries and a torch. It's never organised! All just thrown in there, no order to it. Sorting this drawer might seem like the last place you'd go to clear your mind, but think again... Chaotic spaces can make you feel like life is chaotic and likewise orderly spaces have the same effect! 

Keeping such spaces neat and tidy sends a calming signal that life is organised. Where to begin with the overhaul? Well by renaming said 'junk drawer'. How about 'utility drawer?' That sounds like a productive space that holds exactly the useful item your looking for in a well organised fashion. 

drawer organisation

We'll start drawer by drawer and arrange them neatly with the necessary items!


Office drawer: 

Mints, toothbrush and toothpaste- for those after lunch/before meeting occasions. 

Wipes: they are universal and so handy for everything from freshening up to cleaning your desk.

Cosmetics: keep what you need for touch ups. Nail file for those snags,  hairbrush, spare hair accessories, mascara, lipstick, deodorant, things can can easily take you from day to night. 

Snacks: if like me you're constantly grazing and snacking then keep healthy options close to hand like nuts, energy balls or fruit. 

Cash: some spare cash for those days you need to run for a coffee or forgot your purse.



Writing materials: pencils, pens, markers.

Gadgets: fans, pocket radios. 

Special occasion items: birthday candles, spare greeting cards, wrapping paper.

Keys: spare keys, random second keys. It's a great idea to label them or have them in their own bag to avoid wasting time trying to find the correct key in an emergency. 

Flashlight: you just never know when you'll have an electricity outage. 

Batteries: spare batteries in a variety of sizes AA, AAA

Tools: keep a spare screw driver and allen keys close at hand. You don't want to be rooting through the garage for a small DIY job.  



First Aid basics: band-aids, antiseptic wipes, small scissors - the majority of first aid supplies should be in a proper first aid kit. 

Cotton balls, swabs and ear buds- these are vital for rectifying make up mishaps and general use. 

Spare toothbrushes: for those occasions when guests forget theirs. There's nothing worse than not being able to brush your teeth.

Lint roller: fluff is never a good accessory, get rid of it each morning. 

Tweezers: for those unruly hairs you need to get in a hurry or that splinter that came out of nowhere. 

Hair care: hair brush and accessories, keep them all together in one tray, then you'll always know where to find those bobby pins that seem to walk by themselves! 

Makeup: your go to bits you use everyday, mascara, lipgloss, foundation. Keep the lashes and dramatic eye makeup in specific makeup bag so it doesn't spill and ruin the rest of your makeup. 


Every drawer organisation begins with the same steps:

1- Take everything out of the drawer, wipe the interior clean, consider using some drawer liners so it will be easier to clean. 

2- Sort like with like, then choose what you need to keep in the drawer and what needs to find a new home. Be brutal when getting rid of some things. If you haven't needed to use something in over two years then throw it out!

3- Measure the drawer and find boxes/tins/bins that fit the dimensions of the drawer. 

4- Add the bins into the drawer and begin filling. 

Aim for balance. Too much clutter makes people feel stressed and uneasy. You don't need 20 pens in one container, you need 2 or 3. Plan to have only the most important items at hand and you will know exactly where to go when you need something in a hurry. 

Happy organising! 

Sarah XO