The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

The thought of drinking hot water with lemon would have made me ill a few years ago, but having lived in China for 5 years, I've grown quite a taste for it. Across Asia hot water is consumed through the long bleak winters. Known for it's health benefits, a morning ritual including hot water with lemon can do wonders for you. 

Lemons are rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, calcium and pectin fibre. 

1- Boosts the immune system, lemons are high in vitamin C which helps to protect the body against immune system deficiencies.  

2- Balances PH levels - Lemons are one of the most alkaline foods. By drinking lemon water daily, you'll reduce the overall acidity levels in the body. 

3- Aids digestion- Lemon water helps to flush out toxins and unwanted materials from the body. Lemons encourage the production of bile from the liver which is required for digestion. 

4- Clears skin- Lemon water removes toxins from the skin, while the vitamin C helps clear wrinkles and blemishes. 

5- Assists with weight loss- Lemon water increases the rate at which water passes through the body. This reduces water retention. 

6- Increases energy levels- Lemons are known to be a good source of folate which is a form of vitamin B and helps to keep your energy levels increased. 

Lemon water has long been known for it's therapeutic properties. It's cleansing and healing effects have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing. Begin each morning with a glass of warm water with about 1/8 slice of lemon and enjoy the health benefits. 

Sarah xo