Your career is an occupation you undertake for a significant period of your life. Make sure it's something that you love doing, and if it's not make a change. 

We'll be going through some tips and tricks to allow you to be more efficient and progress a little quicker through your chosen profession.  


Personal SWOT Analysis

Find out what your strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats are so that you can easily answer any interview question that is thrown at you and be prepared and confident. 

You can find out so much about yourself by just taking 20 minutes to carry out a personal SWOT analysis. 

Find out how to do it here. 

Time Blocking

In a world where we are constantly rushing and racing to complete tasks and get everything done wouldn't it be nice to have more hours in the day? Emm yes! 

Lets practice our time management skills! If you want to get important things done you have to allocate time to them and prioritize.

By practicing these simple time blocking skills you can increase productivity within all aspects of your daily life and feel like you've achieved a lot more out of every day!  


LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for engaging with like minded professionals and connecting with industry leaders. 

You can quickly excel within your career and progress up the ladder through networking and making contacts. 

Here, we show you how to develop a killer LinkedIn profile.