How did I get here?

From a young age I never knew what I wanted to be. A nurse, a teacher, a pilot, a personal trainer, a caterer and a dietician were all professions I had thought about. One thing was for sure though, I loved working with people, traveling and experiencing new cultures. I really enjoy talking to people and understanding how they operate and helping out in whatever way I can. 

So when I left school I decided to go with the teaching route and studied Science Education. I loved the teaching part but hated the science part. In my first year summer exams I failed chemistry. I had the option of repeating the year but I thought long and hard about it. I didn't fail because I was stupid or not a good teacher, I failed because I didn't love chemistry enough to study hard for that particular exam. I felt weird because I had never failed anything in my life. Granted I was never top of the class but I moved along somewhere in the middle and I was a good student. What to do next! 

Somewhere in the middle

Well as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining and after a few days I packed up my things, left college and moved home. Luckily it was still early in September so enrolling in another course was an option. This time I chose Business Studies and began my new course the following Monday. I absolutely loved it! It was so straightforward and made so much sense to me compared to what I had previously studied.

Once I graduated I was at a crossroads. I could continue working in fashion and retail which I absolutely loved, (I enjoyed the busy atmosphere, there was always something to do, meeting customers seeing the latest trends appearing in store, traveling for work and eventually work my way up the ladder) or I could take some time out and figure out what I wanted to do in life. Well figuring out what I actually wanted to do never happened, does it ever?!

Then fate took over. Driving to work one day there was an interview on the radio with a girl working in China. "China eh? Something different", I thought. At that point all my friends and peers were taking a gap year, travelling to Australia or Canada. Not one to follow the majority I decided to research opportunities in China. I love being busy, having a hectic schedule is how I roll. While working my two part time jobs in large international retail stores I was doing an online TEFL course. This course gave me the opportunity to apply for English teaching positions in China. 


In a matter of weeks I quit my jobs, graduated from college, read a book called 'Living and Working in China', did a number of interviews with schools in China, packed and moved half way across the world. Initially, I had planned on staying for six months and see how it goes. 

From the moment I landed I loved it! It was so different, so cosmopolitan.  Every corner I turned was filled with new challenges and experiences. The opportunities were endless. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely! 

I took things one step at a time. I didn’t try learning Mandarin in a month, I couldn’t use chopsticks for weeks. Slowly but surely things came together, I picked up a few words here and there and met a few people along the way. Life was looking up! 

It was there that I reinvigorated my inner foodie. There were so many dining options and new culinary delights to try. Traditional Chinese cooking, Asian fusion, Indian, Mexican, Korean, Indonesian, French and Italian to name a few. I loved trying it all and after awhile reinventing some of the recipes I had tasted with my own twist. I still love to cook and food prep daily, that way I can guarantee there are no onions in things...... I detest the dreaded onion! I will be sharing some onion free recipes with you here! 

With all this wining and dining I needed an exercise outlet. Luckily I had been introduced to Xtend Barre by a friend. What's Xtend Barre you ask??? It's Pilates and dance amplified. An adrenaline-fuelled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. After a year or so of weekly classes I decided to become an instructor and will share with you here some simple tips and tricks for that chiseled looking body. 


I spent five years living and working in China, mainly in the education industry. I met so many people and enjoyed so many experiences, but all those stories are for another post!

Most recently I have relocated to Seattle for my fiancé's work. We're currently living and exploring the Pacific North West and looking forward to meeting making new friends and having loads of adventures on this side of the world. 

Looking back on what I have achieved so far, I've done the teaching, I've travelled like a pilot, I've become an Xtend Barre instructor and if hosting dinner parties counts as catering I've ticked that box also! 

Going forward, who knows what the future holds??? I'm excited to be sharing with you some of my recipes, my travel experiences, training tips and of course my organisation tips and tricks. 

Sarah xo