Well, in short, it's all about you! OriginallyCoach Me Rich came about because of that time in most women's lives when they hear themselves saying "OMG, what am I doing with my life?" We used to think that it was called your twenties, but it's not. It turns out it happens to women of all ages but in particular in your twenties and thirties.

Being in your twenties is such a bitter-sweet time because it's so exciting, yet totally daunting! You're leaving your teenage years behind and looking forward to your early adult life. You'll more than likely find yourself thinking about when (and if) you will ever meet your soulmate. 

Will you get married? Will you have kids? How many? Will you have a good job? Will you have a nice house? Will you travel? Will you be rich? So many questions and so many possibilities...but very few answers!

In your late twenties and early thirties things start to become real. You begin to question if you're doing things right and you start comparing yourself to others. Your friends lives start to change dramatically. Some have babies, some get engaged and married. Some have high powered jobs, others have gone back to study something new in college. Some friends have loads of money, a great partner, a nice house...anyway, you get the drift...


The result = STRESS!!! 

Adding to this stress of growing up is the influence of social media on our lives. It's something that our parents didn't have to deal with at our age but something that effects most of our lives more than we know or care to admit. Do you check you phone in the first five minutes of waking up every morning? Why? 

It's because we have the world of information at our finger tips 24/7 and we need to find out what happened while we were sleeping. Did our Instagram photo get more likes? Who liked it? What does this blogger say is the latest and greatest in fashion and makeup? What exotic destination are they snapping from today? Where did they get that bikini? Are their boobs and lips real? 

We are so heavily influenced by other people online that we aren't stopping to notice the effect that it is having on our lives. Our mental and physical health are starting to suffer. Our friends and family are contacting us more through social media because they don't see us as often with our busy lives, and when they do see us we are probably looking at our phones for the latest updates. 

With so many changes and so many decisions to be made during this time in our lives, it can get very stressful!

But it doesn't need to be. We have enough stress in our daily lives, so let's just...relax.



EDIT: *Since we launched this site we have had more men than women contact us asking for advice so we have changed it a little to include all these amazing men too! Turns out men and women are not that different after all when it comes to happiness, mental health, and most other aspects of life.

**My sister Sarah was involved in helping me launch this website (hence the “We” above) and some of the posts she wrote in the beginning are still available to read on the site. Sarah has since taken a different career path but continues to provide hugely helpful insights from time to time.

Here, I'll be giving you the tools to make the most of your life, not just in monetary terms but in happiness and health too. Just a few small changes to your everyday life can make a huge difference in you reaching your full potential. It's about making the best of your life regardless of your situation so you can see that anything is possible once you put your mind to it.

Together we can eliminate as much stress as possible from our lives and focus on what really matters, like making better decisions, setting goals (and sticking to them 'til they are complete), working on performance development, building confidence, career development and anything else that might come up!

I specialise in mindset development, procrastination and productivity and I’m passionate about helping people to become the best version of themselves.  It really irks me when I see someone hugely talented settling for a mediocre life and even worse, complaining about it!

My answer.... Do something about it!!

No one else can change your life but you.. you have to do it yourself. It won't be easy but the best things in life never are!

I work with people who want to make better lives for themselves and their families. We set realistic goals together and come up with a plan on how to achieve the goals. I also give loads of info through the blog posts on all kinds of things I wish someone told me when I was turning 20.

Through a series of small actions come amazing results that were once just a distant dream.