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Welcome to Coach Me Rich!

I’m so glad you found my little space on the internet. I’m Jen and I’m a Coaching Psychologist.

I help young adults create a life they love by enhancing their mindset and performance.

Together we find solutions to problems while reducing stress and anxiety as much as possible.

I will coach you on the tools and techniques you need to live your best life, a life that you will be proud of!


You'll quickly realise when you browse the site that Coach Me Rich is not necessarily about richness in a monetary sense.

At Coach Me Rich, we want to assist you on your path to riches in whatever way you define "rich". Perhaps you are seeking coaching in relationships, mental well being, stress management or your career. However you are looking to enrich your life, we are qualified, experienced and here to assist and guide you.

The Benefits of a having a Coach

While receiving coaching, be it in a consultation setting or merely working through a personal development course on your own, you are working for yourself. You are asking the questions and giving the answers. A coach, either in person or the author of a book you are reading, merely helps you to accelerate your growth by guiding you systematically in your self assessment and solutions.

While receiving coaching, you can expect the following...

  • Greater clarity

  • A feeling of accountability

  • Unbiased Input


Contact us to find out more about how I can coach you rich!

Use Coach Me Rich as a resource to help you eliminate stress and enjoy life's little pleasures  

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